The bicycles and GPS

Eye4cycling The bicyclesThe bicycles

A cycling holiday starts with a good bike! Good preparation is half the battle. Eye4Cycling offers three different types of rental bikes:

  1. MTB bikes
  2. trekking/hybrid bikes
  3. e-bikes

The bikes are well maintained and equipped with disc brakes. Some of these bikes are fitted with an adjustable stem so that the bike can be adjusted for optimal riding comfort. The bikes are equipped with front suspension and have 21, 24 or 27 gears. Most bikes are also equipped with a luggage rack.

Rental bikes come included with:

  • spare tire;
  • repair set;
  • chain tool + quick link (in case of a chain break);
  • pump;
  • bike lock.

If available, a gel saddle is also a possibility. Make sure you send us your bike size in time so we reserve the right bike for you.


We have some e-bikes. If you want to rent an e-bike, please inquire the bike in time.


Cycling with a GPS device instead of written route descriptions is increasingly preferred by cyclists now a day. We are a strong supporter of cycling with GPS.

Wij beschikken over de Garmin 705 en 800 modellenWhat is better than simply follow the line on the screen so you can enjoy all the beauty around you while cycling? With no stress what so ever for a missed turn or passing a landmark in the itinerary.

GPS benefits

  • User friendly, easy loading and cycling
  • Easy to get off and on the tracks, for example a viewing or coffee break on the route
  • Good overview of the mileage and altitude
  • All cycling tracks can be loaded at once
  • No fiddling with paper descriptions while cycling
  • No GPS experience required

The GPS models

If you do not have a GPS device, you can rent a Garmin navigation device. This device is very user-friendly. If you rent a GPS from us, you will receive an explanation and directions. Also the routes will be loaded for you. You will also receive a mount for the bike and the charger. It is necessary to charge the device completely after each day cycling. The devices have an internal battery and can be recharged through electricity.

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